• Čas:
    22. 10. 2018
    od 19:00 do 22:00
    Poligon -> kreativni center, Tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana

    Lgbtiq in Tech :: v4.0

    Kicking off this new student year with the fourth ever LiT meet-up! We're certain you have a ton of stuff to talk about after this summer — so come gossip about new projects, new jobs, and new relationship statuses.

    While you're at it, you'll learn exciting stuff from Matjaz Konvalinka and Lisa Hack (UK). The event will for the first time ever be hosted by Niki Lapkovski.

    Want to talk in the Show'n'Tell segment? Get in touch with Heidi Pun (yup, they're still around, lurking behind the curtain).

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