• Čas:
    od 15. 08. 2018
    do 17. 08. 2018
    Gledališče Glej, Gregorčičeva ulica 3, Ljubljana

    Laboratory on the representation of the body - Gender LOOPS

    Laboratory on the representation of the body; GENDER LOOPS (EN) Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Facilitated by Azahara Ubera, Gender Loops consists of a series of encounters in which we gather our common ideas about gender. We do this through physical improvisations of the masculinities and femininities recognized by the group.

    The laboratory Gender Loops, researches and expands the concept of gender through having different communities and groups enact and experiment with it. From a collective proposal we create a space where we share our visions of gender and ways of representing them, taken by every participant’s experience of gender, the group explores different stereotypes through various movement dispositives in order to de-construct and re-construct identities.

    One of the objectives of the laboratory is to create a space for critical reflection that promotes artistic and autopoietic agency outside the binary of gender. Thinking about the body from its representative potentialities makes it possible to deconstruct the discourses that define it and from this place we are able to resignify it.

    We will orientate ourselves towards the development of a critical capacity supported by the group, analytically and in movement, potentiating both physical awareness and personal artistic experience, from the situated knowledge of each body.

    As a result, the knowledge and conversations created by the group makes it possible to start deactivating the different roles assigned to gender, and resist the situations of oppression and violence created by the binary system of gender.

    This lab was activated in the Contemporary art museum of Madrid; Museo Reina Sofia, M.N.C.A.R.S, La Poderosa, center for contemporary Performance, Barcelona, Musac, Museum of contemporary art, Leon and Weave Residency, Brussels among other places.

    Workshop will be placed in Glej Theatre
    15.8 - 17.8. in the hours of 18.30 - 21.00.
    Limited places, made your reservation on:

    You can attend two days just in case you cannot the three of the workshop.
    +collective performance for the participants of workshop

  • Čas:
    16. 08. 2018
    od 18:00 do 21:00
    Legebitra, Trubarjeva 76a, Ljubljana

    Krožek praktične filozofije


    tu ni veliko filozofirati, če paradoksalno za ta kontekst zlorabimo besedo.

    V resnici je tu predvsem veliko filozofirati. Dali vas na vsakem srečanju izzove z novimi temami in iztočnicami. Vprašanji in dilemami. Črpa jih iz želja, potreb in sugestij udeleženk_cev in jih potem zapelje v labirinte praktične filozofije. Ne vodi, spremlja. Ne vsiljuje, izziva. Včasih je glasno.


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